Updated On: 11/18/2022
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Our Practice: services provided; hours; location
     Directions to our office

For Sale: descriptions of birds we sell, for pictures click:
     African Greys

FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions:
     Plucking  Why do birds pluck their feathers
     Traveling what to do with your bird while you are out of town
     Disaster Preparedness what to do in a tornado or other disaster
     West Nile Virus will pet birds catch it?
     Wing Trimming how to properly clip wings
     Beak Trimming is my bird's beak too long?
     Pellets vs. Seeds what we recommend you feed your bird
     Kissing and Sharing Food why people germs are bad
     Screaming tips on getting your bird to stop
     Diarrhea what is normal vs. abnormal
     Household Hazards dozens of dangers may lurk in your house
     House Plants are they safe or dangerous for your bird to chew on
     Mites and Lice will my bird get parasites?
     Escape what to do if your bird flies away

Emergencies how to handle problems with:
     Egg Laying

Our Staff qualifications and experience; email addresses
     The Kansas City Renaissance Festival just for fun pictures
           of one of our Blue and Gold Macaws at the festival
     Morriss Pets the bird nurse's personal pets

Our Patients pictures of some of our feathered friends:
     Our Little Miracles birds that survived serious illness or surgery
     Tiny Terrors Conures, Cockatiels, Parakeets, Lovebirds,etc
          Tiny Terrors Page 2
          Tiny Terrors Page 3
     Big Bad Birds  Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, African Greys, etc
          Big Bad Birds Page 2
          Big Bad Birds Page 3
          Big Bad Birds Page 4
     In Memorium beloved pets that have passed away
     Our Clients businesses owned by bird owners

Bird Links a few web sites that we have found useful for bird owners

Vet Links sites related to avian health issues

Web Rings related sites grouped into rings in which we are members
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Burge Bird Services
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