Updated On: 10/15/2007
At least Yoochan Christensen has bandages that match her tail color.  She had a bad fright and bloodied her wings when the cat knocked over a plant next to her cage.
Sunny LaMarque was surprised to see us, as she thought she was just out for a visit at her friend Toby's house.  How does that bird doctor find her when she's not at home?
Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, Toby Howe now has perfect feathers.  We cheated a bit by retouching his photo to hide his little feather picking problem.
The Big Birds
Sweet, but with big scary beaks!
We don't actually work on horses, but this 5 day old little guy was so cute, we had to take his picture too. 
Scooter the Lilac Crowned Amazon showed off his "bootylicious" back side and then pottied on the chair.  I guess he doesn't like us.
How would Keely Delfenthal hide in the rain forest when she is such a brilliant red?  Good thing Eclectus Parrots have such powerful beaks to defend themselves.
Riley and Mikala England are Mexican Red Head Amazons, sometimes known as Green Cheeked Amazons.  We just think of them as double trouble!
Here is Samantha Sikora, showing off one of her tricks with her Mom.  She looks a bit nervous as she sees the trimming instruments being prepared for her beauty treatment.
Paco Hamilton the Blue Front may look a bit ruffled after her visit, but her coloring is still incredibly bright and beautiful.
Tillie Seals is a Yellow Naped Amazon without much yellow, but she has a lovely singing voice.  She warms up by doing her "La La La" scales, then sings "I left my heart in San Francisco".
The Justus baby Greys seen on page 2 now have some feathers and are getting cuter every day!
The Jarrett's house is one of our most dangerous house calls.  Rico the Green Wing Macaw (on left) and her mate Barney attack us from above. Meanwhile, Scarlet the Scarlet Macaw (shown above) goes after our feet while guarding the eggs she laid under her cage.
Echo Zarr doesn't look all that dangerous, but the sign on her cage warns that she is, and that one should not attempt to feed or touch her.
Parrots are very intelligent, and can be quite a threat when they get ahold of the trimming tools and attempt to use them on the bird nurse!
Haat Du Bidwell hoped to fly away to escape his trimming appointment, but the towel came at him too fast.  He is named for the first sounds he made.
Honker Romondo is the largest Amazon we see, a Mealy, and we know from experience he can bite harder than any other Amazon!
Being so adorable is exhausting work, so Panama Taylor decided to stretch out on the couch and take a break.  The human provided a nice warm spot to relax on.
Rocky is a Double Yellow Head Amazon over 30 years old.  He is a supervisor at Trabon-Paris Printing, and is enjoying a Cheetos snack after his trimming.
Milo Furr looks like the model for a perfect African Grey Parrot.  We could use his photo when touching up the pictures of all the Greys that pluck themselves.
Scrunchie Schroeder's eyes got very big when she realized that Mom had brought her to see the doctor instead of going across the street to Dairy Queen.
Clousseau Stitt demonstrates the perfect position to get in so that he cannot easily be caught.  Aim the crushing beak and razor sharp toenails at the bird nurse and dare her to reach in the box!
Bailey Binder was amazed to discover that macaw tail feathers sell for several dollars each on eBay.  If she could just molt faster, she could afford to buy herself more toys!
Little Ozzie Colburn mourns the loss of her flight feathers following her first wing trim.  For pictures of proper wing clipping techniques, click here for our wing trimming page.
Our thanks to Mr. Fidget Frye for doing his eagle impersonation on command.  He is a pretty smart guy!
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