Updated On: 8/23/2021
How to handle bleeding from broken toenails, broken feathers, and other wounds.
What to do for a bird with a broken bone.
How to help your bird when it is having trouble breathing.  
What to do if your bird is wounded by another bird, a dog or cat, or by flying into an object like a hot pan.
Signs of egg binding, how to help your bird at home, and when to call your veterinarian.
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Photo credit:
Firefighting Macaw
by Melody Emig
If you have an after hours emergency:

First, don't wait until after hours to call about a problem that has been going on for days or weeks.  Try to call during our regular hours if your bird is sick instead of deciding at midnight that it is now an emergency.  Dr. Burge is available for some after hours emergencies.  Be sure to leave us a message about your bird so that we can call you as soon as possible to see if there is anything we can do to help.  There are five local animal emergency clinics, which have variable coverage for bird emergencies depending on what doctor is on duty.