The Big Birds
Sweet, but with big scary beaks!
Bingo Daniel poses in front of the painting of his wild cousins in the rainforest.
Updated On: 10/15/2007
Here's Oliver Wilson, affectionately known as Ollie, comparing beak sizes with his Mommy.   I think his is bigger.
Peaches Woten is demonstrating just how big and fluffy a Moluccan Cockatoo looks when angry!
Look, another Moluccan that doesn't want to come out to see the doctor.  Lucy Holm finally relented and got her wings and nails trimmed.
Modeling the latest style of Depends diapers for parrots is Austin Hayes, a Mexican Red Head Amazon.
Emma Atkinson is one of the few Rose Breasted Cockatoos we have the pleasure of working with.
After several plastic surgeries to repair her wounds from a dog attack, Marlowe Tallman, the Red Lored Amazon, looks as good as any supermodel.
Max Evans, a Green Wing Macaw, eyeballs the approaching bird nurse and dares her to try to grab him with that puny towel!
We always hope that Rowdy Hursman will not try to live up to his name when he comes in for his beauty treatment.
Charley, the Mealy Amazon employed at Antoine's Seed Co.,  demonstrates why the sign is needed by biting thru a perch.
George Furr seems to think that by hiding behind his toys, the bird doctor won't see him.
Salty Abington, a Timneh African Grey, plans her escape route as the dreaded towel approaches.
The new Blue and Gold in the Taylor house holds up two toes to indicate how many times he plans to bite the doctor.
Here we see JoJo Wonnell admiring her newly trimmed and filed toenails. 
Look!  It's Sidney Herring dressed up (with safe food coloring) as the festive Easter Parrot.  Does she lay blue spotted eggs, too?
We think Miss Phoo Moore is a rare Salvin's subspecies of Red Lored Amazon. 
Tooey Duckworth helpfully demonstrates why birds should not try to trim their own wings.
We just love working on 9 week old baby Green Wing Macaws like Toby Johnson.  They are a little tougher to handle later in life.
The Witcher African Greys, Justice and Jules.  Who can tell which Witcher is which?  Only Mom knows for sure.
Chezler Johnson is about 40 years old, and had a meatball sub sandwich to celebrate her grooming appointment.
Peaches Daniels works at  the Cleanarama laundry in Independence.  She is seen here taking a break under the shelf in her own custom built room.
Poncho Taylor is probably our oldest patient at over 60 years of age.  He has more yellow than any other Double Yellow Head we know.
Chichi Haynes the Mexican Red Headed Amazon looks rather annoyed at the pellets in his dish, but he has lost weight and should live much longer now that he is skinnier.
Joshua Schrader is a White Fronted or Spectacled Amazon, one of the few parrot species that can be sexed by their appearance.  Males have red on the wings, females don't.
Sarge Cook the Red Lored Amazon recovered quickly from trimming and was happy to pose for the camera.
It's fun to play guess the species with babies.  This one is a Galah or Rose Breasted Cockatoo.  At first glance the bright pink feathers under the wings appeared to be bloody.
The Justus family were blessed with  these 3 African Grey chicks only a few months after buying their parents.  Can we send the Burge pair of Greys to their house?  They aren't doing much for us!
We thought Sammy Cox was trembling with fear when she recognized the bird doctor, but it turns out she was busy chewing on an ice cube that made her toes cold.
Damian Davis is really not dangerous.  The four padlocks on his cage are there because he has been tearing the cage apart in his spare time.
Sunshine Green figures that by freezing like a statue, maybe the bird doctor will think she is not real and will go away.
Rio Turner shows off her beautiful golden yellow "wingpits" and long perfect tail.
Aren't baby parrots just gorgeous?  These little Military Macaws were recently welcomed into the Taylor household.
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