Updated On: 10/15/2007
Burge Bird Services Presents
Jeanna Marie, the Parrot Princess
of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival

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This is the Princess with her handmaiden, Dr. Julie Burge.  Of course, Jeanna's wings have been clipped to prevent her from flying. But who needs to fly when you have a servant to carry you everywhere!
Jeanna Marie of the clan Macaw knows what those handsome Scotsmen wear under their kilts...shoes and socks.
After a magician taught her a few tricks, Jeanna used her new powers to turn a couple of frogs into handsome princes.  However, we don't recommend actually kissing a parrot.  Not only can they bite hard, but your normal bacteria can make birds very sick.
The princess spends her days flirting with both rogues and royalty.  She has a special fondness for pirates.  "Their fingers are tough but quite tasty," she says.
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