Updated On: 10/15/2007
The many pets of bird nurse Julie Morriss
Yes, Maybelline the Senegal's head really is as big as it looks.  She considers herself the Queen of the birdroom.  Favorite  past-
time:  Terrorizing the chihuahuas!
MoBandy, the Moustache Parrot,
showing off his beautiful colors.  We know he is a boy because of
his coral colored beak.  Females
beaks will be black.  Favorite pasttime: Hanging with the tiels.

Ozzie the Orange Wing Amazon is one of our babies from 2 years ago.  He still thinks he's a baby and insists on a bite of formula if he sees me
feeding little ones. Favorite pasttime:
Chewing buttons off mom's shirts.
I adopted Paco, a 10 year old Mexican Red Head Amazon last year.  He thinks Ozzie is a big baby and would rather have
peanuts for treats. Favorite pasttime: Teasing Ozzie

Anyone who comes to see babies at my house has to get by Cisco and Pancho first.  You run more risk of getting licked to death than anything else.  Pancho, in the upper right, wondering if Maybelline is going to get him today!  Favorite pasttime: Pottying in the house.
Stymie the Green Cheek lives up to the origin of his name by being a "Little Rascal", Favorite pasttime: Terrorizing the tiels.
After 10 years as a breeder, Cherie the Dusky decided to retire and play with the grandkids.  Favorite pasttime: Lounging in his underwear and watching TV.
Rudy and Crackers the Quakers are perfectly normal--until they start hanging out together.  Then they morph into crazed wild animals.  Favorite pasttime:  Double-team biting.
Shown here in the publicity stills for their new album: Daisy, Henry, Buzzer and Bailey, The Rockatiels. George, P2, Lollipop, and Pete were recording the music for the album and were not available for photos. Favorite pasttime: Signing autographs.