These lists were compiled by going thru dozens of published sources for toxic and nontoxic plants.  Most of these have not been studied in birds, but have been reported as safe or unsafe in some other species.  Some that are listed as unsafe may not be dangerous in small quantities, such as parsley or onions, but a problem wien larger quantities are eaten.

Safe Woods, Plants and Flowers

Before using these woods, they should be washed to remove any contaminants and insects, and dried thoroughly for several days.  Never use branches from trees that have been sprayed with pesticides within the last 3 to 5 years.

Apple, almond, apricot, ash, citrus (any), dogwood, elm, guava, madrona, magnolia,
  Manzanita, nut (except chestnut, horse, and oak), papaya, peach, plum, pear, prune, vine
  maple, goat willow, pussy willow, weeping willow, and thurlow.

Abelia, acacia, African violet, aluminium plant, aloe, aralias, arbutus,
    areca (butterfly cane), aspen, aspidistra.
Baby's breath, baby's tears, bachelor buttons, bamboo, barberry, beech,
    blood leaf plant, bottle palm (elephant foot tree, ponytail palm),
    bougainvillea, bromeliads, burro's tail (donkey tail).
California holly, calamint, calendula (pot marigold), camellia, camomile,
    chickweed, chicory, cissus kangaroo vines, claw cactus, coleus,
    comfrey, corn plant, cottonwood, crabapple, creeping jenny,
    croton (house variety).
Dahlia, dandelion, date, dill, dogwood, dracaena, dragon tree.
Easter cactus, elderberry (cooked ripe fruit only), echeveria, eugenia.
Figs (fiddle leaf, laurel leaf, creeping, rubber, weeping), fir.
Ferns (birdnest, boston, maidenhair, mother, sword, brake, ribbon, dish,
          dutton, lomaria, polyphody, squirrel foot, ball, deer foot, fiji,
           staghorn, elkhorn).
Gardenia, garlic, gloxinia, grape ivy, grape vine, gold dust dracaena.
Hen and chick, hibiscus, honeysuckle, hoya.
Jade, kalanchoe
Larch, lemon balm, lilac, lily (easter and tiger).
Magnolia, marigold, mango, manzanita, monkey plant, moses-in-cradle,
Nandina, nasturtuim, natal plum, nerve plant, norfolk pine.
Palms (areca, date, fan, lady, parlour, howera, kentia, phoenix, sage,
           neanthe bell, sentry, pygmy date, robelia, lady palm, bamboo,
            fern, rhapis, miniature fan, fishtail, butterfly, cane, golden feather,
Passionflower, peppermint, peperomia, petunia, pittosporum, poplar,
    pothos, prayer plant, purple passion, purple velvet (velvet nettle),
Raphiolepsis, rose, rubber plant, russian olive.
Schefflera, sensitive plant, spearmint, spruce, star jasmine, string-of-beads.
Thistle, ti plant.
Umbrella tree, violet.
Wandering Jew, white clover, willow.
Yucca, zebra plant.

Unsafe Woods, Plants and Flowers

Avocado (pits), Boxwood, Buckeye, Cherry, Chinaberry, Elderberry, Eucalyptus, Horse chestnut,, Holly, Jatropha, Kentucky coffee tree, Locust (black and honey), Manchineel, Mountain laurel, Oaks (shoots and leaves), Oleander, Rain tree, Red maple, Spurges (pencil tree, snow-on-the-mountain, candelabra, crown-of-thorns), White cedar

Aconite, amaryllis, anemone, arrow grass, arum lily, autumn crocus (meadow saffron), australian                             flame tree, azalea
Balsam pear, baneberry, beans (castor, horse, fava, broad, glory, scarlet runner, mescal, rosary,   
  navy) bird of paradise, bishop's weed, black laurel, bleeding heart, bloodroot, bluebonnet, blue      
  green algae, bottle brush, bracken fern, buckthorn, burdock, bushman's poison, buttercup
Cacao, caladium, calla lily, camel bush, cardinal flower, chalice vine, (trumpet vine), christmas
  (berry, cactus, candle, rose), choke cherry, clematis (virginia bower), coral plant, cocklebur,
  coffee (senna), coffee bean (rattle bush, rattle box, coffee weed), common privet, coriander, corn
  cockle, cowbane, cow cookie, cowslip, coyotillo, cutleaf philodendron
Daffodil, daphne, datura, deadly amanita, death camus, devil's ivy, dieffenbachia (dumb cane),
  delphinium, dumocane
Eggplant, elderberry, elephant ear, ergot, eucalyptus (esp. dried for flower arrangements),
  euonymus (spindle tree), European bittersweet
False flax, false hellebore, false henbane, felt plant (maternity, air, and panda plants), Field
  peppergrass, firethorn, flame tree, flax, four o' clock, foxglove
Ghostweed, glory lily, clostridium, golden chain, grass (johnson, sorghum, sudan, broomcorn),
  ground cherry
Heath (kalmia, leucotomy, peires, black laurel, andromeda), hemlock (poison, water), henbane,   
  honeysuckle, horse nettle, horsetail, hyacinth, hydrangea
Impatiens, indian turnip (jack in the pulpit), iris, ivy (most varieties)
Jasmine, (jessamine), java bean (lima bean), jimson weed (thorn apple), Jerusalem cherry, juniper
Laburnum, lady slipper, lantana, larkspur, laurel, lily of the valley, lobelia, locoweed (milk vetch),
  lords and ladies, lupine
Malanga, marijuana (hemp), matrimony vine, may apple (mandrake), mexican breadfruit, mexican
  poppy, milkweed (cotton bush), mistletoe, mock orange, monkshood, morning glory, mountain  
  mahogany, mushrooms (amanita), mustards
Naked lady, narcissus, nettles, nicotiana, nightshades (deadly, black, garden, woody, bittersweet,
  eggplant, jerusalem cherry)
Opium poppy
Parsley, periwinkle, peony, philodendron (split leaf, swiss), pigweed, Pikeweed, poinciana,
  poinsettia, poison oak (western, eastern), pokeweed, potato shoots, privet, pyracantha
Rununculus, rape, rattle box, rhubarb (leaves), rhododendron, rosary peas
Sandbox tree, skunk cabbage, sky flowers, smartweeds, sorrel (dock), sorghum, snowdrop, spider,
  star of Bethlehem, sweet pea
Tansy ragwort, tobacco,
Velvet grass, vetch (hairy and common), virginia creeper
Wattle, wild black cherry, wild radish, wisteria, woody aster
Yews (american, english, japanese), yellow jasmine, yam bean  

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