Julie Burge, DVM

Dr. Julie Burge earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from the University of Missouri at Columbia in 1983 and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1987.  She became interested in pet bird medicine while living in upstate New York where there were no veterinarians in the area that would treat birds.  Dr. Burge began adopting unwanted birds and started breeding cockatiels and parakeets in 1988.  After returning to Kansas City, she started Burge Bird Services in 1990.  She now owns about 85 parrots formerly used for breeding but now retired, and her practice treats birds exclusively.  Dr. Burge is the Association of Avian Veterinarians representative for the state of Missouri and has lectured at their conference twice about disaster response and animal rescue for the avian veterinarian.   

She has a few good "bird attacking the doctor" stories to tell, with the one about the Double Yellow Head Amazon hanging from her lower lip being a particular favorite.  Dr. Burge's personal pets include 4 big black rescued mutt dogs, 8 rescued cats, 4 Blue and Gold Macaws, 1 Scarlet Macaw, 1 Green Wing Macaw, and 5 African Grey Parrots. 

You can email Dr. Julie Burge at BurgeBirdServices@yahoo.com  but it may take several days for her to respond, so please phone us if you have a sick bird that needs immediate help.  For nonmedical questions, you may also try emailing the bird nurse at the address listed below. 

If you would like to see Julie and her Blue and Gold Macaw, Jeanna Marie, the Princess of Parrots, flirting with all the handsome men at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, click here... 
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Updated On: 11/18/2022
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